Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Practitioner Course for?

Practitioners from all different backgrounds have taken this course: Naturopaths, Medical Professionals, Massage Therapists, Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Yoga Instructors, Herbalists, etc...and even people who just want to learn more about nutrition so they can become a practitioner in the future.

Our course is for you if...

  • You are a health and wellness practitioner who knows a lot of information, but you are not sure how to apply it
  • You are looking for an in-depth program with 100% support and mentorship
  • You want to feel more confident helping clients with complex health concerns

How long will it take to complete the course?

The course is designed to be completed in 6-9 months, depending on the amount of time you can spend on the material.  Upon graduation, you will be eligible for a Certificate of Completion as well as a seal that you can display on your website.

Are there any prerequisites for the course?

There are no prerequisites for this course.  It is a course designed for people who want to become practitioners as well as existing holistic practitioners of all types.

How does this course differ from other programs?

The Practitioner Course differs from other functional medicine and nutrition programs in several ways.  In most other programs, there is great information but not enough about the practical application.  We teach how to implement your knowledge to get results for your clients.

  • Called “functional medicine on steroids”, our course dives deep into uncovering the root cause behind symptoms so you can master the art of healing to the point where it really does not matter what disease or condition a person has—you know how to heal them. You get all of our protocols so you’ll have a proven system to help clients even if they have some condition you’ve never heard of or even if you are just starting out and you don’t have confidence.
  • Second, we also offer Mentorship: You have mentors who give you their expertise, their years of experience, and their guidance so you can have confidence and know what to do when challenges come up. This builds your confidence because you know we have your back. And even after you finish the course, you don’t lose that mentorship. It doesn't expire after you’ve graduated.
  • And third, unlike other courses, which focus on food, or on emotional health, or on business training…….we cover all of it! After working in the clinic, we found it wasn’t enough to only address the physical or only the emotional. They are always intertwined, and you’ll need to address both to get people well. We put it all together in such a way that gets clients fantastic results.
  • Another benefit of our course is that it’s continually updated so this is an investment that keeps on improving over time. 

Will I receive a certification upon completion of the Practitioner Course?

As a graduate of the Practitioner Course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, CEU’s (if you’re in a licensing body that requires CEU’s), and our seal to use on your website or marketing materials.

By completing our course, you can earn 30 category 1 continuing education credits with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

Can I participate if I live outside of the United States?

Yes!  You can participate in the Practitioner Course from anywhere in the world.  We currently have students from all over the world: France, the UK, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, the Netherlands, etc...  All you need is an internet connection.

How many hours per week should I allot for completing the course work?

We've made sure to break down the material into completely manageable pieces.  If you watch all the videos and go through the material, plan on 4-6 hours a week.

How is the course delivered?

Your training is released in weekly modules within our private, members-only website. Each module contains step-by-step training videos, transcripts, done-for-you templates to use with your clients, “cheat sheets”, and easy to implement action guides. Each video is also accompanied by a PDF transcript so you can easily reference the lessons you want to repeat later.

Will I receive handouts or materials, in addition to the video lessons and recordings?

Yes!  Each module has downloadable forms, handouts, templates, and other documents, including...

  • Course transcripts of all video lessons so you don't have to take notes
  • Client handouts you can use on various topics, such as gluten free, menu plans, pantry staples, smoothies, juicing, healthy cookware, fermented foods, etc..
  • Optimal vitamin and mineral levels cheat sheets
  • Done-for-you protocols in our Remedy Guide based on our clinical experience to guide you in creating effective protocols
  • Intake forms, follow up forms, nutrition protocol forms, client agreement forms, welcome packet for new clients, etc..
  • Done-for-you programs with workbooks to use with your clients in administering sauna detox programs and a 3 month program
  • Curriculum, handouts, and Powerpoint slides for our most popular classes you can use right away

Will I receive support if I have questions while I go through the course?

Yes!  We have Q&A calls once a month to answer any specific questions you have about the course or a client case.

The course also includes an active message forum where you can ask questions anytime and connect with Becky, Marie, and the PVU community.

Are there any payment options?

In addition to the 1-payment option, you also have the option to pay for the program over 12 months.  Please call 1-877-927-8473 to learn more about our payment plans.

How soon can I start?

Enrollment for our course is now open.  Call 1-877-927-8473 to enroll today!

Have additional questions?

Call us 1-877-927-8473 to speak with our director about any questions you have or you can also email us at

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