Our Curriculum

The Pure Vitality Practitioner Course is a 6-month, online experience that helps you understand your clients and their specific needs in a way that uniquely serves them.  You become the practitioner who gets people well- so well that they tell all their friends.  Which is precisely what it means to be the expert in your field.

Our course curriculum is a blend of holistic nutrition, mind-body science, coaching skills, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, detoxification, and business training.  We give you a powerful foundation for life-long professional success in a holistic health career.

Our school is accredited with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, which is an internationally recognized independent accrediting board for alternative health educational institutions.

As a graduate of our course, you are eligible for board certification through the AADP, and you will be able to practice as a Holistic Health Practitioner, no matter where you are in the world.  This will enable you to purchase supplements at wholesale, get insurance, get legal advice, and work with clients.

The best part? This course gives you what you need to get people the results they want.  Period.

Our Training Modules Include:

Food & Nutrition

Learn how to discover the perfect diet for each person you work with, how to help your clients get rid of cravings, lose weight, and gain energy for good!  You will learn why certain foods should be avoided by people with certain health conditions. You will also learn about all the vitamins and minerals and how they benefit the body.

  • Learn what diet to recommend for different health conditions
  • Discover the causes of cravings and how to eliminate them
  • Get recipes for quick, easy meals that taste delicious
  • Learn about juicing and raw foods
  • Pantry, Freezer, and refrigerator staples: what to have on hand
  • Understanding gluten intolerance and gluten free diets
  • Learn what the vitamins and minerals do in the body
  • The health benefits of fermented foods and how to make them
  • How to use food as medicine to heal the body

Systems & Supplements

Learn about the main systems of the body and how they work.  Then learn which supplements to recommend for different health issues in those systems. In this information-rich module, you will learn how to use herbs, homeopathics, nutrients, enzymes, and essential oils.  We will share with you how to find good quality supplements and recommend the brands that we have found effective. You will learn the difference between capsules, tinctures, oils, and homeopathics along with the proper dosage for each.

  • Understand the main body systems and what can go wrong in each system
  • Supplement quality and where to buy them
  • The top 20 herbs and how to use them with clients
  • Essential oils and how to use them for fast results
  • Get our supplement cheat sheet so you know what to use
  • Optimal nutrient chart to know how much of each nutrient the body needs
  • What to recommend for thyroid and adrenal problems
  • Supplements for different digestive problems

Electro-Dermal Screening

Learn how this invaluable technology can help you get the details you need to create an ideal protocol for clients. It can give you the edge and take away all the guesswork and make your job easier!  You can discover energetic indicators of toxins, infections, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, etc... This module shows you how to create custom tests, set up scans for particular problems, and interpret the information so you know what to recommend to clients.

  • Learn the history of this technology
  • How to incorporate it into your practice
  • Discover which type of machine is best
  • Learn the science behind the technology
  • How to use it to do a health evaluation
  • How to create custom tests with this technology

Business Training

Learn how to attract your ideal clients, how to price your services, set up a website, and how to manage inventory.  We will share our secrets for building up a steady client base who loves you and refers other people they know.  We’ll give you what you need to know to set up your website, and how to use it to attract your ideal clients, so you can create a business that you love.

  • Where to find clients
  • How to price your services, programs, and packages
  • How to get client testimonials and how to use them
  • What you need to have on your website
  • How to have sales conversations that don't feel salesy
  • How to set up and manage inventory of supplements
  • How to describe what you do in such a way that people want to work with you
  • How to structure your business to leverage your time
  • Understand how to set up an automated system to capture leads and build your email list
  • Discover how to determine which services or products to offer your clients

Teaching Classes

We give you our popular class scripts and handouts, even a facilitator’s guide for a 12-week nutrition class you can teach in your community. Want to educate your clients on how to handle life’s emergencies with a natural first aid class? We have you covered! Handouts and Powerpoint presentations are included so you can jump right in and teach these popular classes right away.

  • Get our most popular classes to teach in your community
  • 16-week nutrition class curriculum with workbook
  • Handouts and outline for Healthy Kids Class
  • Herbal First Aid class and handouts
  • Powerpoint presentations you can use to teach classes

Mindset & Emotions

Learn why coaching is the secret to creating lasting change in your clients. This module will show you how to uncover what is driving your client’s behaviors towards their body,  food/eating habits, and how to shift behaviors that they don’t like. You will learn how to address stress in their lives, especially unhealthy self-image, so they can be the best possible version of themselves.   And most importantly, you will learn how to uncover belief systems that are keeping your clients stuck and unable to change.

  • How coaching differs from counseling
  • Learn how to help someone change unhealthy beliefs
  • Questions to use in coaching to create aha moments
  • How to help clients who feel stuck
  • How stress affects weight and emotional health
  • Understanding the connection between the body and mind
  • Coaching skills to create change in clients behavior


With the amount of toxins in our environment, most people need to detox.  In this module, we will teach you all the different ways to detox, so that you will learn the differences between them. You will also learn how to use oral supplements to detoxify the body as well as how to detox in a sauna. You will learn when NOT to use a sauna and what to do instead.   You will also get our own detox program you can use with your clients, as well as our 30-page detox eBook.

  • How chemicals and toxins harm the body
  • How to cleanse and detoxify the entire body
  • Cleanse comparison chart: which type of detox is best?
  • The best supplements to use for detoxifcation
  • A Sauna Buying Guide can be a resource for your clients
  • A 30-Day Pure Body Detox program you can use in your office
  • Understanding colon cleansing and when to recommend it to clients
  • How to customize a detox program for certain health conditions

Other Healing Modalities

There are natural modalities that work better than supplements for certain health conditions, and we will teach you about them in this module.  You will learn about natural mold protocols, light therapy for infections, medical grade ozone that is invaluable for many health problems, EMF's and how to make sure your clients are protected from the dangers, and holistic dental remedies.

  • How mold exposure affects health and how to heal from it
  • Light therapy and it's applications
  • Medical grade ozone and how to administer it
  • How dental issues affect health
  • The dangers of EMF's and what to do about it
  • Rife machine technology: how it works and what it can be used for

Creating Programs

Learn how to create your own signature programs. Programs allow you to charge a higher price, as well as enable your clients to get even better results, since they are investing in their health at a higher level.  This module also contains our done-for-you “The 90-Day Transformation Program” that you can implement immediately and get results. Our How-To Guide and handouts are included so you can jump right in and teach your clients.

  • Why you should offer programs and packages
  • How to automate your programs to leverage your time
  • How to add bonus material to your programs
  • How to do group programs to help more people and make more money
  • Curriculum and handouts for a 3-month program that you can use immediately
  • How to price your programs and packages
  • Discover how to record and deliver the main content of your program
  • Done-for-you materials for delivering programs

Health Conditions

You will get advanced training on various diseases and how to address them naturally using a multi-faceted approach. This dives deep into various conditions, such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, and more!   Each one of these conditions is multi-faceted and so they typically require specific protocols and supplements to address them.   We will show you how we combine dietary modifications, supplements, sauna detoxification, and more to create protocols that get results.

  • How to use a multi-faceted approach to chronic disease
  • Lyme Disease: what you need to know
  • The best protocol for heart disease and high blood pressure
  • How to reverse chemical sensitivities in clients
  • Cancer: a holistic approach to healing the body
Asa Simonsson, Naturopath and Nutritionist

"I wish I have had this course years ago it would have saved me sooooo much time and money.  I'm super happy I have found it now though.  I have excellent training apart from this course that I am extremely happy with but was still finding it difficult practically what to do with my clients: what to suggest, when, what supplements etc. etc. What order to address things and how not to overwhelm clients. What is amazing in this course as well is the support you get if you need it.  I am very happy with my choice here as everything is covered."

Asa Simonsson, Naturopath and Nutritionist, Linea Natural Nutrition

Our course is accredited with the AADP.

The National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) has approved our course for 30 NANP Category 1 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

How Does The Practitioner Course Compare?

With self-paced curriculum, monthly Q&A calls, and an active community, the Practitioner Course provides practical training that you can apply to your business right away.

Practitioner Course

Practical Application

Case Study Learning

Mentorship- even after graduation

Clear Treatment Model

Body, Mind, & Emotional Health

Business Training

Active Community for Support

Online: Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Open Enrollment

Specific Product Recommendations

For Use With Any Holistic Business

Other Programs

General Information & Theory

 Research Based Learning

 Isolated / No On-going Support

 Great Information, Vague Implementation

Body Or Mind, Not Both

No Business Training

Isolated Education Experience

In-Person Seminars: Travel Expense

Only Available Specific Dates

General Information- No Specifics

For Use With Any Holistic Business

The Training is by application only.

The investment is $4997.