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I could not have made a better decision

"Should you ever decide on furthering your knowledge and really taking yourself to the next level, or getting certified in alternative health care, you absolutely should check out Becky Mauldin and Marie Elan of Pure Vitality University.

I am in the process of gaining my certification and could not have made a better decision than going thru this school and having these two women as my mentors.

Check them out it will be the best decision of your career. ”

Maryam O'Connor, pharmacist, Utopia Healing Center

It has given me all the tools to have a well rounded practice and greater confidence

"When I learned about Pure Vitality's Practitioner Course, it looked very good, but I was still hesitant.  Past experience with online education in alternative medicine had left me disappointed because the content was not as thorough as I would have expected.  I enrolled in the Practitioner Course anyway, and have had no regrets.

I would highly recommend the Practitioner Course.  Becky has left no stone unturned.  She teaches the course thoroughly to help you be the best practitioner you can be.  What I like best about the course is that it is so amazingly well rounded and conveniently available online without the need to travel.

I cannot express enough how professional and thorough this course is.  It's given me all the tools to have a well rounded natural health practice and greater confidence."

Gina Wollangur, RN, LMT, Holistic Health Inc.

I can say without a doubt the Pure Vitality course is completely different than anything I've been able to find

"I can say without a doubt the Pure Vitality course is completely different than anything I've been able to find and I've got certifications from other schools as a holistic health practitioner, nutritionist, herbalist, just to name a few. I got all these certifications but at the end still felt unprepared to start my own business. This course puts all the missing pieces together and gives you ALL of the tools that you need!

I just have to say the Remedy Guide....Wow!  Such an amazing tool.  Doing the practice cases with just the intake form and the guide and the patterns just form right before your eyes.  This is worth the price of admission on it's own!!!"

Kerri Starr

This course has helped me grow in knowledge and confidence

"I have taken many courses over the years and PVU surpasses all of them by far! This course covers every aspect a person needs to have a successful practice.

Thank you for offering SO much for so affordable a price!

This course has helped me grow in knowledge, confidence and even personal healing while going through the coaching exercises."

Kim Halliday

I truly feel blessed with my decision

“I truly feel blessed with my decision to join Pure Vitality University's Practitioners course.

I've gained so much knowledge, professionalism, and confidence in this course as my new role as  holistic health coach.

Becky and Marie, y'all ROCK! I cant express enough how grateful I am to be a part of this courses growth and to have you ladies be my teachers.”

Jenny Morales

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