Become A Pure Vitality Practitioner Course Affiliate

We are excited to have you join us in helping to get the word out about our Practitioner Course!  This course is truly a legacy project for us and over 10 years of experience have gone into making it what it is today.

The Pure Vitality Practitioner Course teaches holistic practitioners of all types everything they need to know about using alternative medicine to get people well, as well as practical business building tools to enable them to grow their business, find clients, and make money doing what they love.

Our Course is Unique

  • The Pure Vitality Practitioner Course is a world class, all emcompassing, holistic education program where the students receive high level training in nutrition, emotional coaching, detoxification, supplements, Electro-Dermal Screening, plus training on business structures needed for creating a profitable business as a health coach, holistic practitioner or other service based businesses. Many other courses focus on one or the other, we care about giving the best of both worlds.
  • It is a completely, 100% online course that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Students will get lifetime access and be able to access any new material that is added to the course.
  • This course gives someone all the practical tools, information, and resources to set up their own business in the health and wellness industry.
  • You can earn up to $538 for every person you refer who enrolls in this course.
  • We are all about adding value rather than just making money, so everything we do to promote the course will be value-rich webinars and video that anyone who you refer will actually thank you for the content they received even if they don't sign up for the program.


  • We are offering 2 methods of payment - Full Pay, or Payment Plan. The Full Pay price is $4997 and you will earn 10% ($499) per sale. The Payment Plan is 6 monthly payments of $897. So you will earn 10% ($538) in commissions for this payment option and it will be paid out monthly as payments are made to us.
  • Your referral will need to mention your name at the time of signing up for you to receive your commission. We will ask them who told them about the course when we enroll them.
  • We will track all your sales in our system and pay you via a check or Paypal.
  • You will begin to receive your commission 45 days after your referral enrolls in the program, and for payment plans, every 30 days after that.
  • We are offering a 30 day trial period in which students can ask for a refund, which is why we will need to wait to send you the commission.

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