Our Mission

There are many different education programs out there. The problem is that most holistic education does not prepare you to handle the complex health problems we are seeing today.

The truth is that food and nutrition is not enough anymore!  What we learned in nutrition school didn’t really prepare us for what was showing up at our office.  While it’s true that 20 years ago, you could just recommend a healthy diet, a probiotic, some digestive enzymes, and people got well. But today, we have so many more toxins in our environment, more unhealthy food, too many pharmaceutical drugs, cell phone radiation, and the list goes on.

We believe that food and nutrition is just ONE piece of the puzzle. There are three other pieces that are equally important to creating wellness. If you truly want a successful practice where you have the tools to help people achieve vibrant health, you need to master all four of them: Nutrition, Emotional Coaching, Supplements, and Detoxification.

We also believe that unlike Western Medicine, which only treats symptoms, to get results you must target the underlying root cause of health problems.  What you need is a system that will help you navigate between the root causes of chronic illness and the confusing symptoms that result.  That is what we provide for you in this course.

Being a practitioner is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs you can have!  We believe that natural health practitioners are changing the world.  There are a lot of good practitioners out there, but not a lot of great ones. We want to change that.

What you can expect from us is everything we’ve got to help you be successful, so that just like our current enrollees, in just a few months from now, you will say that this was the best decision you’ve made for your career and your life.

Ready to help us change the world?