About Us

Founded by Becky Mauldin ND, Pure Vitality is more than a holistic health center.  It's a story of hope, faith, and triumph over challenging health problems after doctors had given up hope that she would recover.  Not many people get well from MCS, Lyme disease, or toxic mold exposure and do it successfully, but she did.  She beat all of the odds, took that knowledge and build a successful holistic business that has enabled her to help thousands of other people while living her dream.

Pure Vitality had a humble beginning in Becky's log cabin in Douglasville Georgia, just a half hour from Atlanta.  People were hearing of the success stories from their friends who had gone to see her, and they were coming to see her at her home office, where goats and chickens were grazing in her nearby pasture.

As the buzz continued to grow about Pure Vitality in the local community, Marie Samples heard several people talk about this local Naturopath.  So, she called Becky to see if she needed someone to be an intern or apprentice with her…Becky remembers that call like it was yesterday. "Marie said to me:  I am willing to sweep your floors, if you will just let me follow you around and learn what you know… Little did I know that would change both of our lives."

In that first year together, Marie attended nutrition school while she partnered with Becky and it did not take long to see how well they complemented each others skill sets.  Becky was fantastic at being the health detective and uncovering the root cause of whatever was ailing someone physically, and Marie was able to go straight to the heart of what was emotionally holding them back, so it was a match made in heaven!

They knew they were onto something when the business was booming without having to advertise, and when their clients were having fantastic results.  As the business kept growing, they had to move out of Becky's log cabin and into a 3,200 square-foot wellness center where they now have a team of practitioners working together changing even more lives.  They are able to offer health evaluations, emotional coaching, massage, sauna detox, light therapy, yoga classes, and educational classes on many different topics.

So much has changed since then.  People started asking them how they could learn how to do what they were doing.  Before long, they realized that between them both, they knew that they had all the puzzle pieces that someone would need to get a client well, and help them achieve lasting transformation.

When they realized that they couldn't possibly teach every practitioner who was coming to them, Becky came up with the brilliant idea to create the Pure Vitality Practitioner Course. Driven by their passion to help others, they are determined to provide the best protocols to heal the underlying root causes of health problems in their clients, and to teach others how to do the same!  And the results?  More client success stories than they can hang on their walls, and a growing team of graduate practitioners with the resources and knowledge to change the world!  This course is everything someone would need to create a life and a business that can really help people transform every part of their health for good.