Do You Desire To Be a Successful Holistic Practitioner, But You're Afraid You Don't Have The Right Expertise?


Ready to have more confidence, more clients, and better results than you ever dreamed was possible?  You're in the right place.

We've done it... and we can teach YOU how to do it too.

-Becky Mauldin ND and Marie Elam CHHC

Being a Successful Holistic Practitioner Doesn't Have To Be Hard...

You have the degrees, certifications, education, and a burning desire to help people feel better.  The only problem is you lack the practical know-how, which makes your confidence waiver.

You're passionate about changing people's lives by helping them feel healthier, thinner, pain-free, or just plain better.   But when it comes to sitting down with a client, you feel like you just don't know enough.

Walking clients through a healing process doesn't have to be this way.

Hi, my name is Becky Mauldin ND, and I help people just like you gain the confidence and expertise you need to become an awesome practitioner making a difference in the world.

My Pure Vitality Practitioner Course gives you everything you need to be the sought-after expert in your community, where your clients experience lasting change that deeply impacts their lives for the better.

As a result, they spread the word for you, and your practice flourishes.

Once you have the protocols and systems in place, and a steady stream of clients, everything is easier.  Your confidence soars.  You live your dream.

Let me support you in creating the holistic practice you know you are MEANT to have!

Our Program

The Pure Vitality Practitioner Course

This is our premier 6-month, online professional program that provides you with a strong skill-set in the specific protocols that will give you the confidence to work with the health problems of our modern time, so you can be an expert in alternative medicine.  With a powerful, results-driven curriculum, you can begin a new career as a Holistic Health Practitioner or upgrade your holistic practice.

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Gina Mar 2 2015 005"I would highly recommend the Practitioner Course.  Becky has left no stone unturned.  She teaches the course thoroughly to help you be the best practitioner you can be.  What I like best about the course is how amazingly well rounded and conveniently available online without the need to travel.  I cannot express enough how professional and thorough this course is.  It's given me all the tools to have a well rounded natural health practice and greater confidence."

Gina Wollangur, RN, LMT    Holistic Health, Inc.

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Our course is accredited with the AADP.

The National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) has approved our course for 30 NANP Category 1 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).